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Dangerous by Amanda Quick

He grasped one of her hands in both of his. "My darling, I have longed to see you alone."

Prudence tried unobtrusively to free her hand and failed. "Why?"

"Because there is so much to explain." Edward kissed the hand he had seized. "You must believe me when I say that I have never forgotten that magical summer in Dorset."

"Which summer? We have had several, you know. We get one every year, in fact."

half a page later

"I confess that the time I had with you was stolen time my dearest. It was all I could give you. And it was not enough for either of us, was it?"

"Actually, I believe it was quite enough for me," Prudence said.

Edward smiled sadly. "You cannot hide your true feelings from me, Prudence. I know that your love for me was too fine and pure to ever be extinguished."

"I fear it was not quite that fine or that pure because it seems to have gone out like a candle."
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