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The Highlander's Touch - by Karen Marie Moning

"But know this, Lisa - when you are across the dinner table from me on the morrow, in my mind I am pushing you back on a bed. In my fantasy" - he laughed, as if at his own brashness - "you are discovering yourself with my willing body. Who knows, perhaps even laying siege to the heart that beats within this chest." He thumped his chest with a fist and silently admitted she'd already begun to do that, otherwise he wouldn't have offered himself. But she didn't need to know that. He knotted the tartn slowly, never taking his eyes from hers.

"Good night Lisa. Sleep with the angels."
Her eyes stung from quick tears. It had been her mother's nightly benediction: "Sleep with the angels." But then he added words her mother never had:

"Then come back to earth and sleep with your devil, who would burn in hell for one night in your arms."

"Wow!" was all her reeling mind could come up with as he slipped from the room.


I was stunned when I first read this. This literally made my heart pound violently to my chest and my throat went dry. ;)

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"Wet dirty and cold, a third of his house a pile of smoking ruins, for the first time in his life, Justin finally understood what it meant to be complete." Heartless -Kat Martin (last line)

"I believe in penquins, and friendship, but most of all, I believe in love." Thunder and Roses -Mary Jo Putney (last line)

"Kyle would be executed today... again." The China Bride -Mary Jo Putney

"thirty-six hours and ten minutes after he was shot, Randall Elliot Clayton, seventh duke of Beldon, opened his eyes, saw his lovely wife sitting there beside him, her head bowed in prayer, her small hand clinging to his, and vowed-no matter what it took-he was going to live." Perfect Sin -Kat Martin (last line)

"'There's a farting horse in my great hall.'" Always -Lynsay Sands

"He was dressed neatly in dark brown corduroy slacks, white shirt, and a pale brown leather jacket. He looked clean cut, respectable. Which didn't mean shit in New York." Beyond Eden -Catherine Coulter

"'A cock is a male chicken, my lord. That looks nothing like a male chicken.'" Always -Lynsay Sands

"'But what seemed like a weapon a few minutes ago is now as harmless as a baby chick'."
He grinned. "'That puts me in my place.'" -Shattered Rainbows -Mary Jo Putney

"'I used to have small breast.'"
"'I used to have small hands." -Catherine Coulter -Evening Star

"'I don't care if he's a bloody major general. Lord Michael has compromised my granddaughter.'" -Shattered Rainbows -Mary Jo Putney

"'Well John, let me tell you something about women. They make absolutely no sense. Never try to understand them, never argue with them and never, ever tell them they are wrong."- The Irish Devil- Donna Fletcher

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I'm really sorry but I needed to advertise so please don't be mad. So if you guys love J.D Robb (Nora Roberts other pen name) you guys should join my new community, it's called RPG in death and my name is I_am_Eve_Dallas, check it out sometime! Thanks for letting me do that. Sorry to be disruptive.

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Return of the Warrior by Kinley MacGregor. This excerpt is from chapter 6 pages 147 & 148.

She stared at him, at the golden highlights in his
hair and the curiosity in thoes crystal-blue eyes.
She wanted him, her husband. She wanted him to
be the man she had dreamed of.
But he wasn't.
That Christian would love her in her dreams. He
danced with her and he laughed with her. He cud-
dled their children and held her close to his heart.
Saints and martyrs, how she ached for that man
to be real. How she needed him to be real.
It was useless. Her dream Christian didn't exist.
The man before her was contemptuous of her.
He wanted to leave and be done with her forever.
And that made her want to cry again. How could
she have been so stupid as to think for one minute
that the real Christian could be anything like the
man she had made him in her mind?
She wasn't a foolish woman, and yet she had
sold herself on this ideal. She felt stupid and ashamed.
He moved to stand before her. "Answer me,
Adara. What do you want?"
She lifted her head to give him a haughty glare,
but before she could, he captured her lips with his.

I haven't finished the book yet, but so far it's awsome. It is a historical romance, for thoes of you interested in it. The book is part of the series "Brotherhood of the Sword." I believe there is only one book before this one in the series. It's called "A Dark Champion."
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Into the Fire, Jessica Hall

This close, she could smell the whiskey on his breath and see the slight glaze over his eyes. Despite his very sober appearance, she wondered if the oh-so-proper Marshal Cortland Gamble might be slightly smashed out of his gourd.

You don't prod a gator with a stick, chere, her mother told her. Even when it don't look hungry.

She set the glass down and kept her voice neutral. "What can I do for you, Cort?"

He looked over her shoulder. "Is my brother here?"

"No." She laughed as he went back to have a look in her bedroom anyway. "Fabio is, though, and he's very tired. Don't wake him up--I wore him out."

Cort returned to the front room. "Where is J.D.?"

"I don't know." He was beginning to worry her now. "Maybe you should go home now, Cortland. Sleep it off."

"Have you slept with him?"

She folded her arms. Here stood the only Gamble she'd ever been interested in, and he thought she was doing it with his brother. There was some kind of sick, twisted message in that. "Fabio? I wish. J.D.? Ah, no, sorry. Department policy, paragraph nine, subsection three: Female detectives will refrain from screwing their partner's brains out at all times."

He didn't like that. "You're always laughing at me."

"What can I say, you're a funny guy."

"No, I'm not." He reached out and touched her shaggy hair. "Why Fabio?" he asked as he fingered the short strands. "Why not me?"

~Into the Fire, Jessica Hall
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Bio Rescue, S. L. Viehl

She struggled a little against Onkar's hold as she expelled the water from her gill vents, but the exhilaration she felt outweighed her annoyance at being held. The scent rising from the water was having a decided effect on her, too. Males smelled so good when they were aroused. The strong, dark scent of him made her go lax, uncoiling her taut muscles, immersing herself in the feel of the water, of him against her.

His mouth left her neck. "I caught you."

"After being bloodied and chased by three 'shrikes." She turned to face him and rested her hands on his sloped shoulders. "You got lucky, Lieutenant."

"Onkar." He bent and nipped at the side of her jaw. "Say my name, Jadaira."

Collapse )

~Bio Rescue, S. L. Viehl (a.k.a Jessica Hall)

Okay, okay, I know this is a little longer than most quotes, but I'm trying to convert you all to the wonderful sub-genre of science fiction romance. Come on, you know you want to try it...
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Rules of Surrender - Christina Dodd

He wrapped her fingers around the last kiss, forcing her to hold it close as if it weren't some ethereal possession. "Save my kiss for that moment in the night when I am alone in my bedchamber and you are alone in your virgin bed. Then take it and place it where you will, and imagine how my mouth will feel when at last I hold you in my arms and love you beyond pleasure."

Graceful and passionate, he stood, still holding her hand. As if he could not resist, he bestowed one last kiss upon her fingers before letting them go. He backed away, then bowed to the ladies. At the door, he bowed to Charlotte, and somehow he imbued that simple obeisance with devotion, passion, and stark hunger. As he left, the last thing he saw, Charlotte knew, was the blush that rose in her cheeks.

Crack! A dozen fans snapped open and flapped back and forth before the owners' flushed faces.

"Gracious." Adorna dabbed at her forehead with a lacy handkerchief. "Isn't it warm in here."
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Haven't posted here for a while...

But this quote is definitely one that I would like to share.

From Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

"I'll go," she said softly, turning and walking toward the door.

For a moment, he didn't react. His mind was still frozen, reeling with revelations. But when he saw her hand on the doorknob, he knew he could not let her go. Not this night, not ever.

"No," he said hoarsely, closing the distance between them in three long strides. "No," he said again, "I want you to stay."

She looked up at him, her eyes two pools of confusion. "But you said--"

He cupped her face tenderly with his hands. "Forget what I said."

And that was when he realized that Daphne had been right. His love hadn't been a thunderbolt from the sky. It had started with a smile, a word, a teasing glance. Every second he had spent in her presence it had grown, until he'd reached this moment, and he suddenly knew.

He loved her.
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Black Rose by Nora Roberts

"...Most days they'd be buried in work socks and boots, but she knew she had sexy toes."

"Because, she realized with a half laugh, she had no one to share those sexy toes with."
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This Heart of Mine- Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The rowboat wobbled a bit as he stood and drew her up infornt of him, where he unfastened the sweatshirt and pulled it over her body. It was so large it came to her knees. He pushed a lock of hair behind her ear.
"Do you have any idea how precious you are to me?"
"Yes, I really do."
"Good." Quick as a flash he crossed the empty sleeves infront of her like a straightjacket and tied the cuffs in the back.
"What are you-?"
"I love you."
He brushed a kiss across her lips, picked her up, and dropped her over the side. She was so astonished that she took a mouthful, then had to kick furiously to get to the surface. With her arms imprisoned, it wasn't that easy.
"There you are," he said when she bobbed up. "I was getting worried."
"What are you doing?"
"Waiting till you're ready to drown." He smiled and eased back down on the seat. "And then I'm going to save your life. Dan did it for Phoebe. and I'm going to do it for you."
"Dan didn't try to murder her first!" she screamed.
"I go the extra mile." - This Heart Of Mine, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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